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Anzac Day Wine Special

(valid to order until Monday 27th April)


Well done everyone on lasting 4 weeks at Level 4.  We've seen plenty of incredible homemade cooking pics over this time - who knew that all you busy high flying people could also make artisan looking sourdough and plant impeccable rows of vegetables?  Some people seem to be really in their element with this change of pace.  Wine, obviously, is trickier to make from home - and that's where we come in.  

So how to mark another long weekend in lockdown?  We at St. Vincent's Cave thought an Anzac Day box would pair nicely with your catch up zoom calls and that homemade sourdough.  Not least, because living with these restrictions has made other eras of sacrifice seem closer in time and more relevant.


What's in the box this time?

- Privat Brut Nature Organic Cava - a toast to our Anzac countrymen and women.  Dry Cava (Champagne method) with fine threads of bubbles.  

- Grati Chianti - you know this one, but why change a good thing?  Italian food + Italian wine = a contented autumn bubble (that bubble theme again).

- Old Hands Organic Monastrell - savoury and smooth, Spain's bold version of Pinot Noir.

- Edalo Syrah - Spain's answer to Australia. Dark fruit without the pepper.  

- Barbazul Syrah-Cabernet-Merlot - time to light the fire and start the slow cooker, this one has depth

- Alvear Pedro Ximenez 1927 (375ml) - A dessert sensation from Andalucía in Southern Spain. Serve with dessert, as dessert, or tip it over some vanilla ice cream and watch magic happen. 


$145 for 6 amazing wines


Seeing you into Level 3 with wine to match your creations and your mood.  



The team at St. Vincent's Cave

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