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Moritz beer


A “local brand” steeped in the history of Barcelona, running counter to the culture of globalisation: a historical brand of Barcelona that its citizens order with immense pride.

Louis Moritz arrived in Barcelona from Alsace in 1851. After teaching the art of beer making to others for 5 years, he decided to purchase a small brewary on the site of the old walls of the Ronda de San Antonio in Raval, Barcelona. His beer went on to win numerous prices, including the gold medal at the Universal Expo of Barcelona in 1888.

In 2004 the heirs of the founder restarted the oldest beer brand in Barcelona at the same initial downtown location. It has since returned to it’s position as a leading gastronomic beer served at the créme de la créme of Catalonian restaurants like El Celler de Can Roca (voted best restaurant in the world) or Restaurant Drolma.





Beer in the 1800s  was seen principally as a something refreshing, rather than

being appreciated for its nuances like wine. However Louis Moritz started from

the philosophy that if  90% of a product is water, you should invest in excellent






  • 100% Spring water


  • Natural hops flowers from Saaz


  • Extra-pale malts


The water used to make Moritz is 100% natural spring water sourced from the Font d'Or in Montseny-Guilleries National Park (the same source as Vichy Catalan mineral water). Hops flowers are used instead of extract, making the beer more pure and aromatic. No other ingredients are used.


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