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Why the name?


St. Vincent is the patron saint of viticulturists and wine makers, born in Spain in the late third century. St. Vincent is celebrated by winemakers in Spain and France with annual village celebrations, but he’s somewhat less known than the classic wine deities and we like that.


In Northern Spain and Catalonia, wines are still aged in dark underground caves carved out of the rock. We like the idea of the wines lying there quietly, slowly transforming to the layered and textured wines they are when they arrive to your cellar. Each bottle has its own personality and story, and we back the passion of our winemakers that this will be reflected in the taste.


We believe the best antithesis to globalisation is to seek out special wineries with a point of difference. Several of our producers are frontrunners in biodynamics and natural wine-making. Others lead in winery design and winemaking innovation. All of them are great illustrations of regional identity. We figure they should be, if they’re being shipped that many miles.

Our People


Upon taking a year off from architecture school, Sophie was travelling around Argentina and happened to visit a winery in Mendoza. She became hooked. On what at the time she still thought of as interlude to design, she went to live in Verona for four months, interviewing Italian winemakers on regional characteristics of Veneto wines and what made them special. After a year in London during which she missed the soul of being in a wine producing country, a weekend in Barcelona inspired her to send out CVs to fifteen wineries in Spain instead. One month later, she moved there.






Our Products


We select our products very carefully to only import the best wines, beers and food products from markets of all over the world. Our specialty are Spanish Wines but, after discovering so many new and exciting products in different world fairs and trade shows, we started bringing to New Zealand some of the funkiest and hip wines from Italy and other parts of the world.

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