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vallehondo syrah 2022.jpg

Vallehondo Syrah 2022

New wine: Vallehondo Syrah, a sip of Andalusian elegance from the remote region of Huelva, Andalucía, in the bottom tip of southern Spain. Enjoy this invitation to share the history of Doñana National Park and the Contreras Ruíz family vineyard.

You can now buy online the most exquisite Spanish and Italian wine and beer that St. Vincent’s Cave imports to NZ. We have carefully chosen these wines from selected single vineyards and boutique producers in Spain. Our wines are often featured on the New Zealand top 50 wines of the year and awarded with 90+ in different magazines and expert sites.


Get to our online shop and discover some of the most unique and exclusive wines of Spain.

Our Special Recommendations

avgvstvs chardonnay 2022.jpg
Avgvstvs Chardonnay
Oaky, tropical fruit, citric notes
vallehondo syrah 2022.jpg
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