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Mas Vilella

Winery: Mas Vilella

Region: Penedes (Catalonia)

Coupaje:  Cabernet Sauvignon, Sumoll (RED)

Vintage: 2018


The latest innovation from the tireless Albert-Jané, of Acustic Celler, is this brilliant, attractive, and deeply satisfying red from his home farm - Mas Vilella. The fruit harvested to produce this wine comes from the old vineyards planted around Albert's parents' family home. The soils there are extremely poor and rocky with very low yields of just 15-20 hl/ha. Giving deep and flavoursome juice but underpinned with the tell-tale bright acidity of the native Sumoll. Cabernet Sauvignon makes up the balance here and the results are sublime. This beautiful wine pairs well with beef, veal, and poultry, and once you taste it, it is hard to resist. Juicy, deep and long - but above all full of joy. 

Mas Vilella Cab Sauv 2021

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