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"O Luar Do Sil" Godello 2015

D.O. Valdeorras

This is the story of a dream.

After a 20 year tradition of making red wines in Ribera del Duero, the natural restlessness of the Rodero Villa family carried them on to a new adventure, the elaboration of a white wine in line with their unchanging philosophy: handcrafted and timeless wines.

The name of the wine, O Luar do Sil, means: “The Reflection of the Moon on the river Sil” where the vineyards are located; in the steep sided valley of the Sil river. The winemaker is our own Paco Casas, who has been responsible for all red wines made by Pago de los Capellanes since the winery was founded.

For this new project, the winemaker chose the Denominación de Orígen Valdeorras, in Galicia, where the Godello variety achieves its highest expression. The rugged landscape of the valley, its climate and the minerality of its soils offer us both the challenge and the opportunity of rendering homage to the Galician land with a delicate white wine that can be enjoyed in the company of others and over a long period of many years.

Now, let's talk about the wine. O Luar Do Sil is a smooth and complex wine with green fruit aromas and fresh, intense mineral flavours. The essential character of Valdeorras expressed with subtlety and balance.

The variety used to produce this wine was 100% Godello, The grapes were harvested from two plots of granite soil near the Codos de Larouco.

Grapes are harvested by hand in the middle of September using 15kg crates. After destemming, they undergo a cold maceration below 8ºc to obtain the maximum expression of fruit. They are then pressed at low pressure and racked to remove the gross lees. The must is fermented using selected yeast for 14 days at a controlled temperature in stainless steel vats. After fermentation, the wine is kept of the fine lees for 6 months to gain richness, body and aromatic power, using batonage to redistribute the fine lees, after which it is naturally clarified.

Tasting Notes

A clean, bright colour with a glycerin rim in the glass. Subtly complex on the nose with white and wild flower notes. On the palate it shows great balance between fresh, green fruit and the ripeness of fine lees. Agreeable, complex and delicate with a predominating fruit and mineral sensation.

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