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Avaniel Rose, sophisticated yet refreshing

The Monteabellón Avaniel Rosé is done with one of the most delicious varieties of grapes that exist, those who Spain has well kept with jealousy during the past hundreds of years; the Tempranillo grapes. Most of the famous Rioja and Ribera del Duero wines have been done with this kind of grape, and there's a reason why, but you will have to taste it to find out.

Directly bottled from their winery cellar in the Spanish region of Castilla-Leon, to your own house door. This fabulous rose wine has been elaborated with the best grapes of the region that archive giving it a reddish color just like the one in a red lipstick screaming “kiss me”, or better than that, “kiss me”. Same is its flavor, just as sweet as the kiss of a beautiful woman with dark and curly hair, or a Spanish olive skin man whispering to your ear. Definitely the best rose wine that you could find in its price range.

The flavor reminds to fruit, of course, but a rather unusual and sophisticated mix of flavors that remind slightly to apples, raspberry, and even watermelon. An explosion of red flavors that will become so delicious that you’ll even forget you are drinking a 13% alcohol drink, and that will make your face also like the color of a raspberry, without you even noticing.

The Avaniel Rosé, is recommended to be tasted accompanied of food such as rices and pastas, so with any kind of snacks. And even it this wine loves, don’t wait to try it until you are two. Open it yourself, serve you a glass, and give yourself the treat and let the snacks be your partner. It’s one of those wines for enjoying, even if its by your self. You won’t need more.


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