Who would have thought the entire country would be going into home retreat? Don’t worry - we’re
here to help you through it. The secrets of staying healthy in isolation are green vegetables, exercise,
catch up on sleep, and – of course – that powerful antioxidant, wine.

If you’re opting for a green smoothie, far be it from us to detract you. But if you’re going to open a
bottle of wine, please – let it be a good one. Isolation, when we don’t choose it, feels very strange –
humans are social creatures who are used to the autonomy of mixing with whom we want, when we
want. Think of this as an opportunity to really slow down. What we always lament not having more
of, we now have in abundance - time. Time to chat and not rush off, time to attempt that painting,
read that book, plan and prepare that delicious dinner, have quality time with ourselves and with
each other. This is actually a gift (as well as saving lives).

So. How can we help? By making sure that if you decide to open a wine whilst in the midst of doing
any of the above, what you pour into your glass will be as full of potential as the next month.


Let’s make it easy.


Just send me something good. I want something I can open and rely on to impress me.

1. Delibori - Pinot Grigio (Venice, Italy)

2. Tartana - Tempranillo (Castilla y León, Spain)
3. Proximo - Tempranillo (Rioja)
4. Edalo - Syrah (Huelva, Spain)
5. Grati Chianti – Sangiovese (Tuscany, Italy)
6. La Inocencia – Tempranillo, (VT Castilla, Spain)

6 bottles - $100

12 bottles - $200

with Free Shipping 


A Little bit Fancy. I know my wines and I want something special.

1. Javier Sanz – Verdejo (Rueda, Spain)
2. Barbazul – Syrah, Cabernet, & Merlot (Cádiz,Spain)
3. Aranleón Sólo – Bobal & Syrah (Utiel Requena, Spain)
4. Acústic – Cariñena & Garnacha (Montsant, Spain)
5. Sardón – Tempranillo & Garnacha (Castilla y León, Spain)
6. Marqués de Riscal Reserva – Tempranillo (Rioja, Spain)

6 bottles - $180

12 bottles - $350

with Free Shipping 

And after that? I loved one of the wines in the last box and now want 12 of just that one – can I?
YES! Just tell us which one and we´ll send you a quote. Easy.