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A mixed case of 6, or two bottles of each to make a mixed 12. Two different price tiers.   All picked out from a line up of potentials in back in Spain and Italy, served at the best restaurants around town, and now - poured and served in the comfort of your home.


If you particularly like one of the wines and want to try more of that taste profile, region, or price range, drop us a line and we can put a tailored selection together for you. 


Hosting a dinner party and want a progression of wines? Let us know and we can put together a dinner party box, starting with Cava, moving to crisp white, full-bodied white, medium red, full-bodied red, and finishing with a dessert wine.


This gives you a starting point.


Just send me something good. I want something I can open and rely on to impress me.

1. Delibori - Pinot Grigio (Venice, Italy)

2. Tartana - Tempranillo (Castilla y León, Spain)
3. Proximo - Tempranillo (Rioja)
4. Edalo - Syrah (Huelva, Spain)
5. Dolfos - Tempranillo (Castilla y León, Spain)
6. La Inocencia – Tempranillo, (VT Castilla, Spain)

No product

6 bottles - $100

No product

12 bottles - $200 


A Little bit Fancy. I know my wines and I want something special.

1. Javier Sanz – Verdejo (Rueda, Spain)
2. Barbazul – Syrah, Cabernet, & Merlot (Cádiz,Spain)
3. Aranleón Sólo – Bobal & Syrah (Utiel Requena, Spain)
4. Acústic – Cariñena & Garnacha (Montsant, Spain)
5. Sardón – Tempranillo & Garnacha (Castilla y León, Spain)
6. Marqués de Riscal Reserva – Tempranillo (Rioja, Spain)

No product

6 bottles - $180

No product

12 bottles - $350 

And after that? I loved one of the wines in the last box and now want 12 of just that one – can I?
YES! Just tell us which one and we´ll send you a quote. Easy.

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