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St. Vincent´s Cave is excited to announce a collaboration this month with our wonderful friends at Casita Miro on Waiheke Island.  We love the food, wine, and atmosphere at Casita Miro, with its wonderful ambience and beautiful views looking out over the vineyards and out to sea.  


Together we have hand picked 12 different Spanish wines (8 reds, 4 whites) which have been selected to showcase wines of limited availability that you are unlikely to come across in the usual channels.  This is an opportunity to discover new flavours and be transported to different corners of Spain in your imagination as you sip them.  A handful of these are available at Casita Miro as well, so if you want another bottle but don´t feel like cooking, well, you know where to find them locally.  


We´ve put together a special price just for Casita Miro

customers so you are saving $45 off the usual pricing.  

The box  will  also  be delivered to  your doorstep

together with  a short description of  each wine, food

pairing and cellaring potential.  


We would also love to hear your feedback once you´ve tried them so please drop us a line anytime!



Sophie Cotter

Director at St Vincent's Cave



All 12 wines $450

Our sincere thanks to our friends from Casita Miro

Casita miro.jpg
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