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2 Bottles of El Coto Blanco Viura 2015 - D.O.Ca La Rioja

2 Bottles of Marques de Riscal Proximo Tempranillo 2013  - D.O.Ca. La Rioja

2 Bottles of Obalo Rose 2015 - D.O.Ca. La Rioja 


The Rioja wine region is located in the North-East of Spain. This wine regions is also home of interesting wine museums and grand dining, but also stunning scenery, prehistoric archaeological findings, medieval towns and fine Riojan manor houses. Gently lying along the Ebro riverbank and extending to the southern slopes of the Cantabrian Mountain range, which protects it from severe northern cold, the micro-climate that the Rioja wine region enjoys makes it a privileged area for producing wine that has earned it its well-deserved fame.


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El Coto Blanco Viura 


Marques de Riscal Proximo Tempranillo


Obalo Rose


Gift these fantastic wines from one of the mot popular wine regions in the world.

Gift Bag - Taste of Rioja

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