6 amazing wines at a great price for a limited time only


- Privat Brut Nature Organic Cava - a toast to our Anzac countrymen and women.  Dry Cava (Champagne method) with fine threads of bubbles.  

- Grati Chianti - you know this one, but why change a good thing?  Italian food + Italian wine = a contented autumn bubble (that bubble theme again)

- Old Hands Organic Monastrell - savoury and smooth, Spain's bold version of Pinot Noir

- Edalo Syrah - Spain's answer to Australia. Dark fruit without the pepper.  

- Barbazul Syrah-Cabernet-Merlot blend - time to light the fire and start the slow cooker, this one has depth

- Alvear Pedro Ximenez 1927 (375ml) - A dessert sensation from Andalucía in Southern Spain. Serve with dessert, as dessert, or tip it over some vanilla ice cream and watch magic happen..