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Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands lie in the middle of the Mediterranean of the coast of Cataluña, and enjoy beautiful landscapes and moderate temperatures. Their history reaches back far and is also fascinating to explore if you have time to delve deeper.

The Balearics—The islands of Mallorca and Menorca offer an increasing number of small production wines from indigenous and international grape varieties. The temperate Mediterranean climate and isolation from the rest of Spain has given it indigenous grape varieties such as Callet and Mantonegro that only grow on the islands.

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Denominations of origin:

  • Mallorca

oliver moragues winery mallorca


Vino de la Tierra de Mallorca

Mallorca Vino de Tierra (VdT) covers all the territory of the island of Mallorca.

The traditional Mallorcan wines were light-medium bodied reds. These matched the cuisine of the island, which has an abundance of seafood, rabbit, vegetables and rice.  More recently, a number of Mallorcan producers began to angle their wines to match the international demand for big, full-bodied reds. While achieving acclaim for these, some of the more traditional producers such as Oliver Moragues (family owned and operated since its inception 500 years ago) have since reverted to the more subtle style.

Wine from Mallorca often has unique aromas and flavours of coffee, leather, and wild herbs. A variety of whites are also produced, a great match for the many seafood and rice dishes. Dramatic landscapes of steep cliffs and white beaches; hilltop villages made of golden stone, and a history of artists and writers who have come to draw inspiration from the island all conspire to make Mallorca unique.

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