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La Mancha is a Spanish Denominación de Origen (DO) for wines, with over 190,000 ha planted to vines, and is the largest continuous vine-growing area in the world. 22,000 grape-growers and over 300 wineries (bodegas) are registered with the DO, which was formally created in 1976. The first written documentation on viticulture in the region dates from the 12th century, though it is generally believed that vines were introduced by the ancient Romans as in other regions of the Iberian peninsula. Wine production took off in the 1940s due to the setting up of numerous cooperatives in the region. Viticulture is the economic mainstay of many of the municipalities that form part of the DO. The climat

Food and Wine Celebration 2016

The 2016 New Zealand Food & Wine Celebration took place at the New Zealand School of Food and Wine, directed by wine and food icon Celia Hay. The event took place between September 10th and September 12th and several experts from the Food and Wine industry conducted master classes, we attended gala dinners, participated in the tasting sessions for general public and we were present at the New Zealand Sommelier of the Year Award Gala. On Saturday afternoon, our director, Sophie Cotter, and M=marketing manager, Javi Yébenes, led a wine tasting experience where the participants were asked to close their eyes, listen to Spanish music and Sophie's descriptions and then smell specific aromas captu

St Vincent´s Cave stories

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